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released November 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Bloodmoon Collective London, Ontario

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Track Name: The Fallen Ones
Track Name: Redemption
The thought is alive in your mind
To deny it is futile, I can see it there festering behind your eyes

The impossibility of the situation seems to escape your grasp
You can’t even understand what you’re doing
I know it’s hard to see but you know that this cannot last

This will follow you into ruin
How can you expect to save yourself from this?
When every step that you take brings you closer to eternity

How can you expect me to believe anything you say anymore?
I don’t understand what could drive you to doing this
But I know that this will not be the last time

I can’t let you go through with this
That would not let my conscience rest
But you seem to be beyond help

Listening to your admission of self deprecation
The listening of your fallacies will be discontinued

I’d say that this reminds me of another place

I don’t know how this got so far along
But I don’t think I can continue to hold on for much longer

This will follow you into ruin
I doubt your ability to save you from yourself
When every breath that you take still denounces every word you say

But as you’re falling under, I pray these words can reach you
In your depths of despair, and that your solidarity will be erased.
And I know you wanted me to see that you find yourself diseased
But this is not a sickness; you’ve just polluted your own mind

And this is the end of everything you know, now that your world is forever changed
I hope that someday you learn from your mistakes, but it is obvious that’s not today
Well I know you crave release, but remain on this path and you’ll find it stays out of reach
This is not the answer
There must be a better way

Listening to your admission of self deprecation
The listening will not occur again
Your nihilistic opinions of yourself are getting old
I’m sorry to have to say but it’s time you were told

This is the final boarding call, all aboard if you want to be saved
This is not the last you’ll hear of this, it will follow you to your grave
Track Name: Re-Animation of Divided Souls